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Where can we find documentation on actualization?  Need to understand what it means in different contexts and its impact when actualize.

For lookup fields, we know that actualization refreshes the latest set of available data, from which can select for binding purposes.

What does it mean in other contexts?   eg SysDcmSettings, SysDcmInSchemaSettings, EntityConnection, DocumentState, SysDetail, SysModuleEdit, SysModuleEntity, SusModuleInWorkplace, SysModuleVisa, SysModule, SysWidgetDashboard, TimelinePageSetting, UsrOrderingandAssembly, UsrRequestStage, OAuthAppScope, OAuthApplications, SysSettings.

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Please provide us with more details regarding your question, so that we can assist you properly.


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Yuliya Gritsenko,

Hi Yuliya, in Advanced Settings we are viewing items which Need Actualisation (filter next to Type, under All items).  This is showing many items which need actualisation, across multiple packages. 

For Lookups we know what actualisation means, its impact and how to leverage/manage it.

For all other Item types, we are looking to understand what actualisation does in the context of each item type (eg SysDcmSettings, SysDetail, TimelinePageSetting) per list above.

We intend to do the actualisation for each item, then recompile, just want to make sure we will not break anything.

Example screenshot...





These are system tables. If you set the data, you will thereby update the existing data. However, it depends on the data settings you specify, whether to update values or directly insert them.

Therefore, it's advisable to create a backup before installation so that you can revert everything back in case of any issues.…

Sergii Zhmurko,

Thanks Sergii, I've read the documentation (Data & the related Operations in Creatio IDE).  2 follow up qus please:

1) what are the considerations "whether to update values or directly insert them"?

2) Does the bulk action "Install data" update the existing data for all selected elements? (see screenshot)

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