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I have access permissions (create, read, update and delete ) set up in section- Accounts dynamically through business process based on a field in section. Now I want to set the same access levels to all details connected to Account section. Can someone guide me on the same?



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Currently, the access  permissions for the detail should be set separately from the access  permissions for the section. 
In order to do so you need to find the corresponding detail in the Object permissions list and set the same operation/record permissions as you did for the section. 
Please refer to the links below for more information regarding access rights for details:……


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Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Thank you. I am setting permission for section dynamically using business process based on a field. so from my understanding, to apply same restrictions to each and every detail connected to the section, should I write a separate business process for each detail object?




By default the detail has same permissions as the Object it's based on, that is why sometimes there is a need to configure access permissions for the detail in a specific Section separately (from access rights for a section).

You can create a few simple business processes or combine them in one more complex process based on your needs.


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