Bind of Object Permissions

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I changed the object permissions from one object.

How can I bind this object permission?


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Hello Andreia,


You have to erase the current binding in the package to bind the data to the other one.
Data should be bound only once in an application. In order to control the binding process more carefully, we recommend to avoid using the data binding tool and bind data only via SQL scripts binding. 
This way you'll make sure that all data was bound correctly according to your needs. 


Also, it's not recommended to bind the access rights to the package. All system administration settings like object permissions, operation permissions, roles, users, licensing must be set up in the production environment directly.

Here's the article with more information:…


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We bind following data in our projects:

Access to objects:  SysEntitySchemaOperationRight

Operations:  SysAdminOperation

Rights for opertions:  SysAdminOperationGrantee

But old data (access rights) are not deleted - you should do this manualy or with sql script.

Thank you both

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