8.1.1 : Attachement search also for email attachements ?


Quick question, does the new feature to be released in 8.1.1 "Attachment search. You can now search for attachments in the Freedom UI component by name using global search. Creatio indexes attachment names automatically." also search in email attachements (when someone annexes an excel or word, etc..)



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It's important to note that activities are not indexed in the global search. Consequently, searching for such attachments won't be possible in the global search.

The issue stems from the fact that even if you enable the option in the section wizard, indexation will not work for the "Activities" section.

The complexity arises because activities encompass more than just tasks visible in the section; they also include emails and calls. The Global Search mechanism is currently unable to process these entities given the application's configuration.

I've already communicated your request to our Research and Development team. They have a task to address this issue in a future application release.

Thank you for reaching out.

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