7.14.2 Cannot log in

I just installed a brand new local environment (SalesEnterprise_Marketing_ServiceEnterprise) and I can't even log in. 

When I click the login button, nothing happens. Chrome console shows that the request to http://localhost/ServiceModel/AuthService.svc/Login returns with 404.

I have checked that the service file is there, I gave the AppPool user complete permission over the root directory and everything therein. Here is a screenshot of what's installed for IIS: http://prntscr.com/oidka4 (names in Dutch).

Any idea what could be causing this? To me it feels like I missed a setting, but that wouldn't explain why older environments suddenly broke. This suddenly started happening last week.

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For those of you bumping into this later: apparently some update had uninstalled http activation of WCF services.... Re-enabling that fixed the login issue.

Jonas Van der Aa,

Useful !

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