2 Factor Authentication on Office 365

Hi Community

Our organisation has just implemented 2 factor authentication for Office 365 using a product called Duo.  It seems to have broken the email, calendar and activities integration.

Does anyone have experience of making 2 factor authentication work with email integration in bpm'online?

Your help is appreciated.



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Dear Greg,


Now, when the 2fa is turned on, you need to go through the additional steps to be able to sync the mailbox successfully. Please use the following manual to create an app password for bpm'online - 

Then you'll be able to use this password in bpm'online to get the synchronization to work. 



1. Is AppPassword still recommended for Creatio syching with Office365 that has two-factor authentification? Where in Creatio is the AppPassword used in Creatio in this scenario?
What mailbox setup (link here) is required for sych with Office365 with two-factor authentication?


2. Or is the OAuth 2.0 setup now the recommended way?…

I believe Office365 now forces the use of OAuth (or at least heading in that direction). 

I also have detailed steps for setting up Creatio for use with O365 OAuth here if you need any extra detail on things (the Academy article and doc provided from support is a little out-dated)…


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