Multiple Business Rule Actions

Enable the addition of more than one action to be performed if the condition for business rule is met, rather than having to create multiple business rules with the same condition. + would remain an active link for adding additional actions after a previous action has been added. Actions would be performed in the order of a list where the actions could be moved up or down.


Dear Janine,

Thank you for your suggestions! I have forwarded your request to our business analysts. They will evaluate the possibility of implementation in future system releases.

Best regards,

The interface actually offers to add another action right underneath the first one only that this second action is not active. It is a pretty standard in the industry to allow several actions per business rule rather than having to recreate it over an over again to cover all the fields based on one and the same condition.

+++ for that request. It would save a lot of time.

Dear Luis,

The idea has been accepted and will be developed in the future application releases.

Best regards,


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