Marketing Plans & Activities should be connectable to other objects in the Marketing section

I believe that the Marketing Activities should have the option to be linked to other objects in the Marketing part of Creatio such as Events, Emails, Campaigns and Landing Pages.


A marketing activity symbolizes something of a Marketing task that is to be carried out by a Marketing-person. Therefor the thing that the person is accually working on could be something else represented inside of Creatio. Like working on an event. Designing new Email graphics and layout. Et cetera. That is why I belive the Marketing Plan and Activity should be able to have links to the other objects.


I tried designing a package for this purpose to put in the Marketplace but the Marketing Plan and Marketing activity -objects are unique and diffucult to work with, since the section can not be edited in the normal section wizard.


Hello Julius,


Hope you're doing well.


Thank you for providing us with this idea. We have created a request for our R&D team. In case if this functionality request will be in high demand from other clients and partners it will be implemented in future versions of the application. The information about changes will be added to the Creatio release notes.


We appreciate your cooperation.


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Any progress with the Marketing plans? What's the future of the Marketing plans section? It's feeling a little lack-luster at the moment. But I believe it could be easily improved.


Our R&D team still working on this task. Unfortunately, there is no ETA.

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