Issue with port number length

Hi all,

I tried to implement a web service with the configuration section in Creatio for SAP business one Service Layer and the default port for service layer is 50000. URL is the Https:// Configuring the webservice Creatio omitted last 0 and the computed Uri was 0/b1s/... instead of /b1s/ and the connection try was resulting unable to connect because it was attacking on port 5000. I had to change the settings of SAP Service Layer for 5000 then connection succeeded. As we are on prem with SAP no issue to patch but clients on cloud would have issues.


is it possible to fix this issue in Creatio accepting 5 digits for port number?


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There are no restrictions on port length in Creatio.

Try to create the web service again and check how it works.

Perhaps the service settings are cached.

Hi Nikita,

You can reproduce like this:

Create a new web service with the port 50000:


Then click ok, you will see that the URI is truncated and a 0 has been put to the method. You may try to change the values but the system would not save it properly. Running on 7.18.3 same behavior on 8.0.3 on demo instance.



Thanks, I reproduced the described behavior.


You can change the service URL and method settings manually.

I changed it manually, and everything saved correctly for me.

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