Implementations of String functions in "setting field value" via Business Rule

Hi Team,

We have an OOTB feature introduced to set the field values using Business Rule.
There are function options provided while setting the field values if the Source(Target field) is numeric.


a)The OOTB feature shows formula and it has an in-built date function along with operators to write a formula and set values to a field.

b)But when a String field is selected there were no options for formula. It would be nice to have string functionalities such as,

strcat - concatenate two strings
strcmp - compare two strings
strcpy - copy a string
strlen - get the string length
String.Remove - Remove specified part of string

Best regards,
Bhoobalan Palanivelu.


Hello Bhoobalan,

Thank you so much for your idea. We've registered it in our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases. Thank you for helping us to improve our product. 


Best regards,


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