Fix all dead links in the documentation



There's a lot of dead link in the documentation. Can you fix them please ? Here is an example :………


And for both :


And that's not the only page where there's dead link like that


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Indeed there's a serious update in the whole documentation needed (dev or otherwise) in terms of updating links, completing missing data, updating screenshots with new interface advanced settings interface...

Damien Collot,


I agree, I spend most of my time looking for the appropriate documentation instead of doing what I want... Also, the references for the JS and C# classes ( and need to be completed as well. Some of the methods used are only mentioned on, not in the Creatio documentation nor in the class references...

Once again, Creatio is a great product with bad documentation, which slows down any development I want to do...



Many thanks for reporting this issue to us! We will fix it at the soonest. 


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