Filtering an exact number of day instead of using following days/previous days similar to filter option today

Dear Team


It would be helpful in the object filter/business process filter to have an option to filter a record exactly on a specific given number of days from a condition similar to a condition where we check for eg:


field “A” = Today


Rather than having following days/previous days because when we add any of these options it picks up the records in between the no of days condition also


Filed “a” = Following days “180”

It filters out record from today to 180th day, instead we would require a filter option which picks exactly the record for the 180th day.


This not only helps in the object filter, it also helps in the business process, in case if there are more records in object and to filter out 180th day record it really becomes difficult by using the following days / previous days option. Specific to the number of days mentioned would be simpler and easy to filter the record.


Thanks in advance!


Dear Amirtha, 

Thank you for sharing this idea. 

We will pass it our R&D team.

Kind regards,


Currently we use such a filtration



Is there any update on having the ability to choose a specific amount of days in the future or past to filter on? The previous days and following days filters are quite confusing.

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