Default follow of posts you participate in forum



In order to increase participation in the community, I believe a small tweak in the logic of notifications would help.

My sugestion is that if you as a user create or answer in a post, by default the star that enables you to get notifications on updates is set to true.

I've just created a question and if I forget to star the question I will only know of an update If I go inside of the post.


This should be true also for all posts that you participate in. For example: if person A creates a post and person B answers to that post, and person A asks a second question on that same post, person B (that could and probably would like to answer to the second question) will not know of the second question unless person B stars that post.

The general principle should be that if you participate in a post you should get notifications if there is activity on that post, with the option available to turn off the notifications if they start to anoy you due to "over participation".

Anyone feels the same?



Hello Luis,

Thank you for this idea! It is already planned to be implemented in the nearest community update and I will also add your feedback on this idea to the task registered to our internal community development team.

Best regards,


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