In Creatio 7.17, the notification icon and reminder doesnt provide the information about an activity created/modified.

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The notification icon in the communication panel doesn't reflect any new changes made to the activities (CREATIO Version -


In the previous versions of Creatio(, any new activity created/modified would reflect on the communication panel through the notification icon popping out as badges in numbers. The icon also showed the number of new Activities/Reminder/Approval/Noteworthy Events created. However, this doesn't happen anymore after the latest update. I need to refresh the page for the communication panel to show the new notifications.


Has anybody experienced the same problem? Is there a workaround?


I have provided the detailed description with screenshot attached below, Please take a look at it.

STEP 1: Add new activity clcicking the activity icon as depicted in the picture below (OLD version 7.16)


STEP 2: I get the information in notification icon and in reminder when a activity is added immediately without any refresh or reload(OLD version 7.16)


STEP 3: In Latest version 7.17, I didnt get any information when the activity is added


STEP 4: I can get the information only after the refresh


NOTE : I have also checked the Remind owner field while creating an Activity






Bhoobalan P


Hello Bhoobalan,

I am guessing that this functionality broke by an incorrect change made for the Omni channel chat panel in 7.17.0 (and still exists in 7.17.1). In this thread the issue is outlined and I included a fix you can add that will restore receiving server messages again (see my comment on Dec 2, 2020 for a fix):


Ryan Farley,

Thanks very much,

I have replaced the Communication pannel as suggested in the above thread. But, still i could not see the numbers and the reminder, i can see it only after the manual refresh.


Bhoobalan P.

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