Items are deselected when searching for another item



In the advanced settings, when I select 1 to n items and then search for another item, apply a filter or filter the records by type, it deselects the previously selected items. This is quite annoying when a package has a ton of items.


Steps to reproduce the bug :

1. Go to the advanced settings

2. Select 1 or more items

3. Filter by type, enter something in the search field or filter by locked, in error or needing an update. This will deselect the previously selected items.


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Hello Julien,


Thank you for your message.


Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this as this is OOB. I have registered the idea for our R&D team to fix this in further releases. I will assign this case to the project in order to increase its priority.


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Anastasiia Lazurenko,


Thank you !


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