Transferring the first and last name from a landing page form to bpmonline separately

A lot of landing page forms contain separate fields for the first and last name. However, bpmonline has only one "Name" field in the lead object. The following manual describes how to add fields for the first and last name into bpm'online lead object and connect them to the default "Name" field. 

1. Open the advanced settings and go to the configuration. Please check that popups are not blocked in your browser.


2. Check if you have a Lead replacing object in a Custom package. Skip this step if you have it.

If you don't have it, please create it.

3. Open the lead replacing object in a custom package. Add new fields for the first and last name and publish it. You will not need to modify c# code if you name the fields in the same way as I am.



4. Add the "Before saving" event and open the process of the lead object.

5. Create the event sub process. The process should be created exactly the same as my one. Please be attentive and don't miss anything.

var contact = Entity.GetTypedColumnValue<string>("Contact");


var firstName = Entity.GetTypedColumnValue<string>("UsrContactFirstName");

var lastName = Entity.GetTypedColumnValue<string>("UsrContactLastName");


Entity.SetColumnValue("Contact", firstName);


Entity.SetColumnValue("Contact", firstName + " " + lastName);



return true;

6. Once you finish, please check that you can create a new lead in the system. If you can't, then you missed something in the business process. Please fix it and publish it again.

If everything is OK, please feel free to use the UsrContactFirstName and UsrContactLastName in your landing pages as the first and last name. The process will combine them to the Name field in bpm'online automatically.






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