Results of voting for the most wanted improvements in Creatio filtering tools

I am excited to share the results of voting for the most anticipated improvements in Creatio filtering tools with you. 453 participants from all over the world voted between January 17 and 24, 2020. Almost all participants selected three improvements, according to the voting conditions. The average number of selected options per participant was 3.3.

If you know what can make Creatio products even better, more useful and more convenient, you are always welcome to post your suggestions in the section “Ideas” of Creatio Community. The development team will definitely consider them. In the “Ideas” section, you can also view suggestions from other Community Members, participate in their discussion and vote for the ideas you support.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this voting! In two weeks we will share the estimated time when the improvements will be available in Creatio products. 

Here is the rating of improvements according to the number of votes

#1 – Comparing field values ​​in filters. Users will be able to select a field and compare it with a value in another field of the same data type. For example: select all accounts where the payment amount is less than a specific invoice total; select all customer requests, where the actual response time exceeds the planned response time.

#2 – Aggregate filters and filters by related objects. Currently, users face difficulties when filtering by reverse connection and implementing aggregate filters. For example, it is a complicated process to get a list of customers who made purchases in a given period or some time ago. We plan to make filtering by related objects more intuitive and convenient.

#3 – The ability to filter records from one or more dynamic groups. We plan to enable selection of several dynamic groups in the filtering conditions and application of filters to them. As a result it will be possible to get data that correspond to common conditions from different dynamic groups.

#4 – Working with the advanced filter. Currently, grouping and moving multiple conditions in advanced filters is complicated and is not obvious to the user. We plan to simplify working with groups of conditions in filters.

#5 – Standard filters. Quick access to frequently used filters in each section. Users can shorten the list of available fields in a filter and reorder the fields in the list.

#6 – Visibility of the applied filters. The users often do not notice that the data in the section is filtered. We plan to make the currently active filters more prominent.

#7 – Accessing the advanced filter. Currently, switching to the advanced filtering mode is complicated and is not obvious to the user. We plan to make it more intuitive and simple.

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FYI if anyone was hoping for #6 (better visibility of selected or applied filters), I do have a free add-on in the marketplace that does this as well


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