Installing oracle server

Important! Make sure that the server name (the name of the PC) where you're going to install the server doesn't contain the "_" symbols. If it contains, please rename the PC.

The database installation

Download the database. (create an account if you haven't done it before)…

Unzip 2 archives and merge them (copy the data from the second folder to the first one).  

Run setup.exe. Agree to on the warning that the system doesn't match requirements.

Remember the CID

Check the installation and make sure that the oracle server works.

Win+R -> cmd ->

sqlplus "/as sysdba"


select * from dual

download oracle developer…

run sqldeveloper.exe

Use the CID


installing dbforge for oracle

download dbforge for oracle and install it. Just next-next-next. 

connect to the database

The database has been installed. 

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