How to bind column setup without GlbDataBinding package


We need to bind column setup of some grid to package.


  1. Set up column setup and save this one for all users:

  2. Go to DB and find key of SysProfileData record by query:

    SELECT * FROM "SysProfileData" ORDER BY "ModifiedOn" DESC

  3. Create new data binding in configuration section of bpm`online like below:

    IMPORTANT!!! All checkboxes are VERY important. You should rewrite Data field in DB and merge SysProfileData record by Key, Contact and Culture fields.

Like 3




When following this methodology in Freedom UI, when trying to install the data I get the following error message:
Duplicates data in object "SysProfileData". 

Any info on why this would be happening? The update key is set to the 3 columns specified:

And the bound data is specified individually (rather than with a condition, as I don't think that's possible any more in Freedom UI) but the 2 records have different Keys:

It looks like adding "Object" (column SysUserId) to the update key of the data binding worked for me, but not sure if this will always work or is the recommended way to do things. It would be nice if Creatio could confirm whether this is the right way of binding column setup in Freedom UI.

Harvey Adcock,


You are correct, the SysUserId should be migrated as well. 

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