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I need to make file attachment mandatory in Lead object (Attachments and notes) at Sales in progress stage. If there isn't any file attached I need to prohibit user to go to the next stage. Any suggestions?

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In order to achieve the goal, you can use a business process in the case, which will check the "availablity" of the files and links to the details of the specified section. 


That will be nice to use in the business process the following element:


"read data", which will read the object "file and link <section name>"  according to the filter <section name> = id of the transfered record.


After that, using the formula, you will be able the check the availabillity of the files the the records of the corresponding section. 



Kyrylo Iudin,

Hello, thanks. Yes, I have done the check of file in that way, but after check is done how can I prohibit user to proceed to the next stages without file. Only manual transition is allowed between stages.




I am so sorry for misunderstanding. Currently such an option can't be achieved but i am sure we will do our best to add such a feature in future releases. 

Yana, you can achieve this in a business process in front end when the stage is changed and the file is missing then you roll back to the previous stage and you can also show a popup to the user that the file is missing.

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