I see there are 2 duplicated records in SysProfileData forOrderSectionV2GridSettingsGridDataView


Select * from "SysProfileData"  

Where "Key" = 'OrderSectionV2GridSettingsGridDataView'

AND "ContactId" IS NULL

AND "SysCultureId"='1a778e3f-0a8e-e111-84a3-00155d054c03'


And when I save columns setup in Order section for all users the new record is added. But when this new record in bound to the package and installed on Production site, my column setup is not applied.

How safe is it to remove existing 2 records that came out of the box?

Thank you

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There is a script that safely removes all duplicates in the table SysProfileData, you can use it:


from "SysProfileData"

where "Id" in


  select uuid(min("Id"))

  from "SysProfileData" 

  where "Key"<>'' and "Key"<>'chrome'and "Key"<>'gecko'

  group by "Key","ContactId", "SysCultureId"

  having count (*) > 1


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Is it safe/supported to delete all data in the SysProfileData table where the ContactId is populated?


We want to deploy default column setups across the board into environments where users may have set them up, which isn't possible without removing their custom column setups from this table. The simplest way I can think to do this would be to delete all SysProfileData records where ContactId is populated (i.e. they are user customisations) but wanted to check this would be safe.

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Dear Harvey, 

Theoretically, it's possible. 

However, we recommend you to contact Creatio support team and request a DB backup of your website if it's deployed in cloud and carefully test it on the copy of the website before making any changes to actual production. 

Kind regards,


Hi Roman, is there a better/recommended way to reset all users' column bindings back to the defaults in an environment?  Also, what are the risks involved around doing this? I understand that users' applied filters for each Section are also stored in this table - what other data is stored there which could cause a problem if it were deleted?



Any changes on this/better way of resetting all default list settings for users since this was posted? This is a frequent need.

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