Is it possible to specify the default values that will be populated in fields on new records created via the "Quick add menu" in Creatio, similar to how you can do when adding a record from a button on a page:


I have seen that if you have multiple pages set up for an entity that the Quick add menu will create a sub-menu for each of the types which will mean that if you click on the specific sub-menu then that field will be defaulted to the value it should be, but we require that other fields are also defaulted to specific values depending on the type selected. Therefore blanket values being set as the default value on the entity won't satisfy the requirement, and the business rules are very limited around setting default values.


I can't see anything of much use in the "Quick add records menu" lookup used to configure the quick add menu.

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It is impossible to configure default values for page types in the Quick Add menu. 

Default values are configured only for object fields. If a specific field type is used, the same default value will always be used for any typed page.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hi there.

I have very similar but slightly different task. I need to throw forward param values from current page to new record which is being created through lookup field on current page. I configured view diff like this 

				"operation": "insert",
				"name": "ListAction_n8p4gak",
				"values": {
					"code": "addRecord",
					"type": "crt.ComboboxSearchTextAction",
					"icon": "combobox-add-new",
					"caption": "ComboBox.AddNewRecord",
					"clicked": {
						"request": "crt.CreateRecordFromLookupRequest",
						"params": {
							"defaultValues": [
									"attributeName": "Account",
									"value": "$PDS_ClvAccount_p18pos2"
									"attributeName": "Contact",
									"value": "$PDS_ClvContact_ecd3h26"
				"parentName": "Task_ComboBox",
				"propertyName": "listActions",
				"index": 0

and I also tried to rename DefaultValues to additionalDefaultValues as debug led me to this could be possible property's name, but that didn't help. And now I see this thread. So it seems that handler "crt.CreateRecordFromLookupRequest" doesn;t allow at this point to process default values at all?

BTW this handler isn't described in academy handlers schema section | Creatio Academy

Is there any plans to develope that handler to be possible to pass default values ?


NB It could be great to have params for each type of handler to be described in academy's article like in articles for validators and converters converters schema section | Creatio Academy 

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