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I'm trying to implement a custom filtering logic for quickfiltering of records and to do the same i'm trying to retrieve the value  from the request using the crt.HandleViewModelAttributeChangeRequest. However, the value is being logged as Proxy(nt) due to security reasons.  I'm wondering if there's a way to bypass this limitation in order to obtain the desired result for a custom quick filter. I've attached some photos for reference.

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Hello Vishal,


Please clarify what task exactly you want to achieve. Do you need to get the filter itself?

Hey ,Oleg Drobina,

While entering the value in quick filter, dropdown values need to be filter based on first letter. 

For ex: if i enter 5 , it should show the values start with 5. 






Understood, thank you!


As an option you can change the value in the StringColumnSearchComparisonType system setting to 0 and relogin to the app. In this case the filtration will be performed using the "Starts with" option. There is no inbuilt comparisonType property in the component metadata and the system setting is applied to all filters in the system (in this case if you need to use the "contains" option there should either an advanced filter used or use comparison with the % symbol "like '%5%')

Thank you, Oleg Drobina.



Oleg Drobina,


Is there any other way to acheive this for the Quick Filter through code, because we need not need to change or need this development for all quick filters ?


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Hi Community!


Our customer needs to make SSL termination on their proxy server.

We have two systems in the network, prod and user acceptance test (uat).

It seems that a lot of resources like fonts and styles are linked with absolute and not relative URLs, because in the page source we see almost all references starting with the domain name and protocol, like this:


This makes problems when the proxy server is redirecting internally to an app hosted at HTTP://serverIP

The question is if there is any way to make the references all relative? Maybe a system setting?

Is there any general guidance for setting up creatio with proxy servers? I only found something for web farms in the deployment guide.

Thanks and BR,


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Hi Robert, 


Unfortunately we don't have practical examples of such implementation and base guides.


I've tried to search an answer to your question on Academy, but really everything I found the link you mentioned above: 




And some info about OData, where The WCF client operates via receiving the service metadata and creating client proxy classes:




It's will be a useful idea and as soon as we have any guide created by our Core R&D team it will be for sure available! 






Bogdan L.



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