Hi all,

I've tried to send a message from business process to frontend (freedom ui). However, every time got an error "The type or namespace name 'MsgChannelUtilities' does not exist in the namespace 'Terrasoft.Configuration' (are you missing an assembly reference?)".

I tried in different ways:

var userConnection = Get("UserConnection");

Terrasoft.Configuration.MsgChannelUtilities.PostMessage(userConnection, message, UserConnection.CurrentUser.Id);


Terrasoft.Configuration.MsgChannelUtilities.PostMessageToAll(message, UserConnection.CurrentUser.Id);


MsgChannelUtilities.PostMessage(userConnection, message, UserConnection.CurrentUser.Id);

I added usings Terrasoft.Configuration and Terrasoft.Configuration.MsgChannelUtilities to my BP but still, it doesn't work.

I found this issue in CRM trial version

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe there are some other ways to send and process the message?


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Indeed, in this case, it is necessary to redesign the processes so that they are interpreted rather than compiled.



Kalymbet Anastasia,


Thanks for your answer. Would you be so kind as to give me any recommendations about how I can notify frontend from backend without using messages?

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Hi Team,

I have a requirement for adding feed notification based on particular action in a section, say marking a record inactive by making a boolean true. Once the record is inactive, the record related information and its connected Account should be posted in feed message in the below format,

The record connected to is inactive.


Screenshots added for better clarity.

Right now I am getting only the id of the record instead of the record with Hyperlink.


The record 5320276a-20a5-4396-b2fe-401da61a2a08 connected to 4d77085b-362d-4eb1-a120-cb32abb86f01 is inactive.

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I would suggest to create a separate process parameter and add Formula element for a link and refer to that parameter from the Add element from your screenshot. 

In order to do so, create a new process parameter "Contact record link" for example, then add Formula element as on the attached screenshot, "094718-crm-bundle.creatio.com" should be replaced with your site name, and as well, take into account to which section/page you are referring.

Once done, you can simply refer to "Contact record link" parameter. 

Also, there are two more instructions  from Oscar:



Hope, this helps!

Best regards, 


Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I implemented a similar thing as follows (screenshots attached)


Step 1 

I added a system setting for the link so that we can change it based on the env we install the package.


Step 2 :

Used the system setting in formula element in BP to assign it to a parameter.


Step 3: 

Got the below output.


I would like to see a more user friendly readable format, something like Interaction Name in the link instead of the entire link being shown to the user!

Kindly help me achieve this.






As of now, it's pretty much the only way to display the link in the feed using basic system functionality. There could be other variants, however they will require implementation by code. 


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Anastasiia Zhuravel,

If we can display a readable string in place of the link and its feasible only by implementation with code, can you pls help me with some examples?

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