Somebody know how determine, when working with a record in a Freedom UI page if it corresponds to a new record (new/copy)?


Thanks in advance




Julio Falcón

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Hello Julio,

const cardState = await request.$context.CardState;
if (cardState == "add" || cardState == "copy") {
     // do something here


Ryan Farley,

Thanks Ryan, where did you find/get this kind of information?

Ryan Farley,



In which kind of handler request I must introduce the code? I tried in crt.OpenPageRequest, but nothing happens. The code I'm using:


handlers: /**SCHEMA_HANDLERS*/[ // NdosEntity_4ad7b54DS.NdosPeriodicidadMP
		request: "crt.OpenPageRequest",
		handler: async (request, next) => {
			const okBtn = {
				key: "OK",
				config: {
					color: "accent",
					caption: "OK"
			const cancelBtn = {
				key: "CANCEL",
				config: {
					color: "primary",
					caption: "Salir"
			// Nuevo o Copia
			const cardState = await request.$context.CardState;
			// Mensaje...
			const result = await request.$context.executeRequest({
				type: "crt.ShowDialogRequest",
				$context: request.$context,
				dialogConfig: {
					data: {
						message: ( cardState == "add" || cardState == "copy" ) ? "New: Este es un nuevo registro" : "Existing one: Este registro ya existe" ,
						actions: [ okBtn, cancelBtn ]
			if (result === "OK") {
				// Clica en OK
			/* Siguiente handler, retorna resultado */
			return next?.handle( request );


You would add this in the page you’re opening, not in the code that opens the page. What is the intent you’re trying to produce? I assume that in a page you’re wanting to know if the page is in add mode vs edit. Correct? To accomplish this you’d add something such as a crt.HandleViewModelResumeRequest on the page and check the cardstate there. 

Thanks Ryan, I'm also try using crt.HandleViewModelResumeRequest, but nothnig happens.


What I need is that when I open the page "Air Equipment/NdosPage_3ud8c3e" it can detect if I am working with a new record and do something. So it is in the code of this page, where I enter the commented code, compile, open an existing record and create a new one and the code entered does not execute/does not work in any situation.


If I add the code inside a crt.HandleViewModelAttributeChangeRequest, it works, but it stays 

in loop and to exit I have to go back in the browser.


I made a short video to show what I'm doing and where the code is in case it helps to understand, see at



In Classic UI I've the onEntityInitialized method to execute when open the page, but in Freedom is very different


Thanks again


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