Is there any possibility to enable or to create a scroll bar that goes horizontally in a detail?

Thank you!

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Dear Ivan,


Thanks for reaching out. 


Such functionality was added in the 8.0.3 Creatio release. More information about it can be found by the link here.


Please let us know if any additional questions arise!


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Anastasiia Marushenko,

sorry, but we are currently not working on 8.0.3. We use May I have the code for implementing it in our version please? And where should I write it.

Thank you,


Ivan Rares Marian,


Can you please provide us with a screenshot of such detail, where the scrollbar should have appeared but it didn't? The horizontal scrollbar should appear in details by default if you add a lot of columns that don't fit on the screen all at the same time. Also, please specify if this is about Freedom UI or if you are referring to details created in Section Wizard.

We would like to have it here, in the products detail. We would like to be able to scroll horizontally because we want to see the whole name of the fields.


Best regards, 

Ivan Rareș

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Hi Community,

We are trying to add a inline editing/adding of data for a detail. With the academy link : https://academy.creatio.com/documents/technic-sdk/7-16/adding-detail-editable-list , was able to add the editable list. But the number of fields in the detail is more than 8.  As we can’t have a editable for tiles view.


Is there a way to add more column in "select fields to display" and How can I add horizontal to this "select fields to display" in the settings page?


Also, how to add horizontal scroll in the mail detail page to scroll and add content if there are more columns?

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Hello Amritha,


To add more columns to the "Columns setup" they should be added to the detail object directly and then they will become available in the "Columns setup". Starting from 7.16.4 horizontal scroll in the column setup is available out-of-the-box so please update your app to 7.16.4 to get needed functionality without additional development. As for adding the scroll to the main detail - I am not sure if it is possible since properties like "overflow-y" or "scroll-padding-top" are CSS properties that can be theoretically added to the grid wrap of the detail data grid, but it would be easier to use the "Show more" option at the bottom of the detail rather than developing custom CSS and connecting it as a separate module to the detail schema.


Best regards,


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