We appear to have issues with creating Recurring Events in Calendar.

I have tried creating a basic (4 occurrences) of an Event yesterday, and while Creatio created all 4 occurrences, the Notification Center reports this:

"Create recurring activities action failed. Contact your system administrator for details"

In addition, when creating recurring events, we often get:

  • Creatio becomes very slow or unresponsive -- sometimes possible to connect with an Incognito window
  • Clicking on Save, the popup screen does not go away (need to X out of it)
  • Browser developer tools shows errors with MakeRecurring (error while sending request application server request time-out, POST, {parentId: xxx, frequency: W, interval: 1, until: 04/15/2023, startDate 02/20/2023, byDay: 2})
  • If Events are created, then Creatio becomes very slow and you need to logout and log back in again
  • Deleting the recurring event causes things to hang

*Sometimes* things work OK and the only issue is the Notification Center report that it failed, but most often it just does not work properly. 

I am trying to book meetings that occur on a weekly basis, and have tried both booking them at an interval of 7 days and using the weekly choice and choosing only one (or two) day(s) of the week, as choosing all appropriate days seems to really kill things.

Here is a video with voice over with examples of the problems: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m1tEBG_RXV-ARKWNO71AVaDpzlpeq1-O/view?…


Any suggestions of how we might do things so that the Calendar and recurring events are more responsive?

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Hi Jeffrey,


I reviewed this app and was unable to reproduce the issue on our end. However, this could be a result of conflicts between your custom logic in the Activity section and the add-on logic. This solution works using stored procedure functionality, which can affect Creatio negatively. 


We decided to remove this add-on from the Marketplace to avoid similar problems in the future.

We do not recommend using it.

Also, have sent feedback to our R&D team about including such functionality in Creatio out of the box.


Thank you for your request, we appreciate it!

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