It would be great for Creatio to provide OOTB templates scenarios of business process and marketing campaigns best practices according to top industries and aggregated anonymized and AI analyzed data gathered from your cloud , and if possible even country habits, the way SAP does.

This would allow taking a head start or providing ideas.


Double-optin campaign

On-Boarding a new client

On-Boarding a new employee

Abandoned cart campaign

Webinar invitation

Event invitation


It would be nice if Doublt-optin process doesn't use Active contact license, cause many of such contacts will never be active

Hello Damien,


We have registered this idea for our R&D team and this functionality may appear in future releases.


Thank you for your suggestion!

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Hello ,


I am willing to configure queues and was wondering what is the best practice? Do I configure them on the dev environment and bind them to my working package or shall I create them in prd environment directly?



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Hello Mariam,


Please find the all necessary information on how to work with the Queues section here

Best regards,


Hello Bogdan,


Thank you for your response ;

I am able to create and configure queues, my question is regarding transporting queues between instances.



mariam moufaddal,


You can transfer configurations by package. 

We recommend transferring packages between environments deployed on the same version of Creatio in order to avoid unexpected issues after or during the process. 

Best regards,


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Dear Community,

Our business case requires us to prevent editting details and fields or adding new detail records after the opportunity has been closed (won or lost). We have some ways of doing it - run a business process that prevents write access, hide + button on details, disable save button, etc. 


But this use case sounds  a bit too common to us, as ideally, any opportunity must not be modified upon closure. 


We were wondering if there are any out of the box features that can handle this or any best practice that you all can suggest.



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Hi Shivani,


For section records, you can following this academy to block all fields based on lookup:


With this academy, it will hide all edit, add, delete action for detail also. But user can modifies by open detail edit page via double click action. If you want to prevent modifies details you can create process to update status to detail records and do the same with the academy above.



Phuong Nguyen


The link provided by Phuong is a good route to go and the way I would do it. However, you can also do this in a process as well that triggers on a signal of opportunity modified where the stage is closed. You could just remove edit permissions for all access rights as well. Just thought I would mention this in case you wanted another approach. Note, if you go this route, you'll want to make sure any details on the opportunity inherit their permissions from the opportunity as well.



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