Hello Community,


I want to hide the elements "Home", "Run process" and "New" on the top menu:



This elements should be hidden for all roles. Can you please help me?


Thank you very much!

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Hello Javier,


To achieve this:


1) Create a module with no parent module in configurations called UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule

2) Add the following content to the module:

define("UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule", ["LeftPanelTopMenuModuleResources", "LeftPanelTopMenuModule"],
    function(resources) {
        Ext.define("Terrasoft.configuration.UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel", {
            alternateClassName: "Terrasoft.UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel",
            override: "Terrasoft.LeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel",
            getTopMenuConfig: function() {
                var menuConfig = [
						id: "collapse-button",
						tag: "CollapseMenu",
						className: "Terrasoft.HoverMenuButton",
						style: Terrasoft.controls.ButtonEnums.style.TRANSPARENT,
						classes: {
							imageClass: ["button-image-size"],
							wrapperClass: ["collapse-button-wrapperEl"]
						imageConfig: resources.localizableImages.collapseIconSvg,
						click: {
							bindTo: "collapseSideBar"
						hint: this.getCollapseSideBarMenuItemCaptionConfig(),
						markerValue: this.getCollapseSideBarMenuItemCaptionConfig()
				return menuConfig;

and save the schema.

3) Create the replacing BootstrapModulesV2 view module (or use existing one if you already have it) and add the following content (add created UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule as a dependency):

define("BootstrapModulesV2", ["UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule"], function() {
	return {};

and save the schema.

4) Reload the page


The result will be:

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