How do you set a specific user's Time Zone without logging in as that user? You can modify your own Time Zone in the Profile section, but I don't think you can access this page for users other than your own, and the user's Time Zone isn't shown in the OOTB User card, so I can't see how an admin could set the Time Zone for a specific user. Anybody know how this could be done?

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The user's timezone is stored in the SysAdminUnit table, in the TimeZoneId column. However, please note that values in this column are stored not as references to time zones from the directory, but as Time Zone Codes.

You can verify the code in the "Time zones" lookup.

So, you can change this value for any user without logging in with a script in the database:


update "SysAdminUnit" set "TimeZoneId" = 'GMT Standard Time' where "Id" = '***User's Id***'

Thank you for reaching out.

Thanks Pavlo, in the end we added the Timezone field to the System user page (UserPageV2) so that we can change the timezone of users without executing SQL. For others wanting to do the same, we used the following code for the user page replacing schema:

define("UserPageV2", ["UserPageV2Resources"],
	function() {
		return {
			entitySchemaName: "VwSysAdminUnit",
			diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[
					"operation": "insert",
					"name": "TimeZone",
					"parentName": "Header",
					"propertyName": "items",
					"values": {
						"dataValueType": Terrasoft.DataValueType.ENUM,
						"value": {"bindTo": "TimeZone"},
						"layout": {"column": 13, "row": 2, "colSpan": 8}
			attributes: {
				 * Time zone.
				"TimeZone": {
					dataValueType: Terrasoft.DataValueType.LOOKUP


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Hi, can you guys help me with these questions? thanks in advance

1. Activities section

2. Third-party services

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the direct answers to the tests, because then the point of such a test and the value of certification is lost.


But please note that you can find the answers to the questions by studying the product documentation:…


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My client is setting up workstations for having a browser window open upon login to the workstations (upon startup).

The browser homepage will be set to their Bpm’online URL.

Can the BPM instance be set to logged in so the sales representative dashboard will be displayed? 


There is a home page field on the system user's page ( and it defines the page which will be opened for this system user. You need to set "Dashboards" there so the system user could see dashboards when logging in. Please note that it won't open the specific dashboard - it will open the section itself.

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