Wordpress connector problem



Wordpress connector ( seems no to work with new way of web tracking (Matomo).

Any hints how to integrate wordpress forms with Creatio having the Matomo tracking working?


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Hi  Michał!


Please send us more details about the issue.
Specifically, could you tell us the reason for using both connectors at the same time? Matomo can work with WordPress without a WordPress connector.

Yevhen Vorobiov,



Matomo tracking is working (website visitors are tracked and visible in Matomo) but they are not visible in Creatio, as there is a problem with Creatio plugin for wordpress (the way Creatio lead is created after wordpress form is submitted). I already contacted support, they admited that there is problem with the wordpress plugin for Creatio...



Matomo connector cannot work with WordPress because these applications work with different objects.

WordPress creates leads in Creatio and Matomo Connector downloads contact data.

Matomo loads data if additional information is passed to Creatio — MatomoVisitorId.

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