Why mobile app rule not working ?

I want to show column with cdde "UsrCapacite_camion" when field with code "UsrSegmentClient"=Distribution .

This is my code :

and here is my manifest:

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It seems that the UsrSegmentClient column is a lookup and you need to use an actual Id here, not display value of the lookup (in the value: 'Distribution' part specify an actual Id of the record instead of the 'Distribution' value). That's why the rule doesn't do anything.

Oleg Drobina,


Nothing changed unfortunately







Indeed, tested the same locally and it didn't work. I've discussed this with our R&D team and in FreedomUI old approach with mobile app business rules won't work anymore, only in old UI. They also have a task to make it possible to develop business rules in Freedom UI using standard wizard in mobile app and they've prioritized this task.

Oleg Drobina,


I read in 8.0.8 release, that 'Creatio mobile app now supports the operation of object-level business rules both online and offline.'

But as I've tried to use Object-level business rules, they works in web app, and don't work in mobile app (in both online and offline mode)

What then was mentioned in release note?

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Any updates about business rules in mobile application using freedom ui ? as the business rules work only on old UI what approach to follow ?

Thank you in advance for your time and help,

Malek Sghaier,


If these are general business rules, it is better to configure them at the object level. In both mobile and web applications, these rules complement each other. Please find more information here


Business rules for the page itself can only be configured through metadata development.





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