Which type of data should I use for my parameter in my process for this type of collection?

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I have this situation where I need to excute some process through client side. While executing this process I want to pass a collection of ids to one of the process parameters. These ids are the Quotes that I multi-selected in the image bellow.

Pressing the  "Merge Quote" button will execute the following code.

This code will create a new collection with all the ids selected before and send them to my process. The next image shows the collection created.

I want to know which type of data should I use for my parameter in my process for this type of collection, where can I learn more about these types of collections and its methods and how can I access its values with the various process tasks?


For tests purposes I want to display one of the ids using a "Open Popup Window". 


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Pedro Pinheiro.

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Hello Pedro,


Creatio works with collections if it's needed to process such data but not to display it. You can pass items to sub_process or web_service elements or perform some script_task over it. Please refer to https://academy.creatio.com/docs/user/bpm_tools/business_process_setup/process_collections where this process is described.


In case if you want to work with the result of your script that returns a collection as described in your example,  you need to write it in a text string with ";" separator for Id's and then - split it on the next step to parse Id's and reflect them where you want.


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