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I am using the "user dialog" element in some of my processes, and the settings are done as following: "Who performs the task" = Role & "Role" = I am using a formula to get from a "read data" element used previously the owner's branch (opportunity section). My wish is for this user dialog to appear ONLY for the users that are part of the same branch as the owner of the opportunity; but it seems that the element appears for any user, independent of the branch. I am attaching my element's settings below. Another issue is that even after the process is completed, the activity from the upper tab does not disappear, even if it was completed. Why is that? How can I make it work properly?

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Thank you for your question.

Currently, judging by the provided screenshot, you are referring to an activity that gets created and not the dialog page itself.


The created activity follows its section access rights, hence why if you have not set up the Object permissions for Activities, all users of your system will be able to see it.


What you could do is set up the said permissions, and then grant the rights for the certain role meanwhile restricting everyone else by using the [Change access rights] process element.

That way  you will be able to restrict other users to see the activity you created with this business process.


Hope it helps!

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