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We have this situation where we have a detail with products, and each product has a cost, a price and quantity. These products are added through an Excel Import and we want to know how can we "tell" our page that the Excel Import has finished and we want to update this specific fields. Any idea on how to implement this.


The Screenshot_6 shows both fields and detail I mentioned above.


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Pedro Pinheiro

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Dear Pedro,


This business task can be implemented in several ways depending on the conditions of the task. You can either create a process that will be triggered on record modification or record adding and check if the record has a tag in with date like current date (since import creates a tag with the date and time) and change fields or you can read process log - if import process was started wait for some period of time and update all records with tag.


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Angela Reyes,

I have tried to update my page using a process like you said but I'm facing the same issue. The process is not able to know whitch record page it needs to update. If I try to search by record modification or record adding it will generate problems in the future because it is possible for more than one user to import excel at the same time and each file imported has a lot of products.


Best regards,

Pedro Pinheiro

Pedro Pinheiro,

The easiest solution will be to import data using web-service instead of Import tool. The import process will never tell what data was imported - import tag is the only track that could show that records were imported. Import log contains more detailed information but it also does not contain information about import end.


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