Type c is not a constructor error while loading case lifecycle in "opportunities" section

I am facing an issue in opportunities section where the case life cycle is not loading and in the console,  getting the error "Uncaught TypeError : type c is not a constructor". We have been facing the issue for a long time intermittently. Request help in resolving this.



DB : Oracle Db 12.1.0

Creatio : Creatio Marketing,Sales,Services 7.14

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Dear Dharini, 


To find out the source of this issue please debug the application code to find on which code element the system tries to use "c" as a constructor: https://academy.creatio.com/documents/technic-sdk/7-16/client-code-debugging


Best regards,


Angela Reyes, 

Sure let me update here with the debug results.

 Hi Angela, while debuging I am getting the at the code attached here as screenshot


We checked the result of debugging you provided and contacted our developer's team to provide you with a piece of advice about the issue you faced but unfortunately, it is quite hard to analyse this behaviour. We recommend you to contact Creatio Support team or your manager for advisory hours to receive more constructive suggestions about this particular error message. If you find more details during additional debugging feel free to share your results here. 


Best regards,


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