Task should be displayed for only for particular user and he should only be able save or complete task.

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We have a scenario, where a lead is approved by two users. But just before they approve the lead, we want to create a optional task for those 2 users to ensure all the necessary details are verified. We want to show the tasks only to the approvers so that only they can edit or complete the task.


We have created both the task in DCM and dynamically giving access to those tasks to the 2 users through business process (removing view/edit access to all users and giving the same only to the owner of the task). We face issues on following points in following regards:

1. when someone other than the approver views the record, we get 2 empty tasks being displayed- NonApprover.png

2. approvers can see or edit their task but get another empty task (task that has to be done by other approver) - Approver.png

can you help us out resolving the issue.





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Could you please write to us at support@creatio.com so we could better analyze the issue with external access?


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