System Settings not saved

Sometimes and for no specific reason, i try to save a value for a system settings record but it does not work.

I have created a system settings called X_UserName, i try to save a value or change in its description or even delete it to recreate another one. All of these actions do not work, without any error stated.

I am solving it now by creating a new key with a different name Y_UserName and update the key where i am using it. Any idea what is happening?

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Dear Mortada,

Please open developer tools in your browser (F12 button) and check for errors in the Console tab. In case you are familiar with debugging client side code, you can proceed with finding the reason for such system behavior. Please see the article on client side debugging:…

Also, in case you have done any customization to the SysSettingPageV2, comment out your code, clear browser cache and try editing setting again.

If none of the above will help, please give our support an email, so we could check your system. Email us at



Anastasia Botezat,

dear i have already checked f12 and did not see any errors. however i will check if there are any customizations done on that page. 

Anastasia Botezat,

I have also made sure that there are no changes on SysSettingPageV2. I will contact support for this problem. Thanks for your reply.

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