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In translation page I put the translation (translation_1.jpg) for required validation.

but on page the notification is still in English.




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Hello Tomas,

Indeed, localization is not defined for Polish language in the ProcessSchemaUserTaskUtilities schema. Could you, please tell me your site and translate "Enter a value" text to the Polish? I'll fix it for you.

Tetiana Markova, 

Thanks Tatiana We did it in our developers environment and also on test environment base on our server.

so it be good if you can send me the fix script so i can do it myself.

We also use digitalcare environment on bpmionline environment but i am not sure if we don't have to refresh this one so it is not nessesery to fix the problem there.

if it be convinient for you  we can ask by bpm online suport portal

Tetiana Markova,


can you also explain the meaning of isVerified and isChange fields




Unfortunately, such validation message relates to the “Core” resources and can not be translated via [Translation] section. If you want such functionality to be implemented by our developers, please contact your account manager to discuss it.

Regarding your second question.

All interface elements that could be translated to other languages are stored in the SysTranslation table. It contains a set of columns for each additional language. IsChanged field means that the value was manually changed by user.  IsVerified column is used for translation review.

You can find more information on our Academy web-site -…

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