How can we bind the value of the system setting "HasContactMiniPageAddMode" to SVN?

after changing the value to "false", we add data binding for this "SysSettingsValue" where system setting code equals to HasContactMiniPageAddMode we get a warning:

"The record with Id "a0849de9-b4e5-408d-a75c-4551e3e0b9c0" is already bound in the data "SysSettingsValue_ContactMiniPageForAddMod" of package "UIv2" for schema "System setting value"

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Hello ayman,

To achieve it you should set instalation type = Update existing and check column [Forced update]

[Update existing] - when updating a package, only those object columns that are marked with [Required for update ([Forced update]) in the [Columns] group will be updated. This type of installation is used, for example, when delivering hotfix updates!

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I still get the warning when saving the data binding with [Update existing] installation method chosen, should this not be the case? I have forced update set on the system setting I'm updating as well. Presumably this warning can be ignored, since the data is bound in another (OOTB) package which won't be installed with my package, but it does seem odd that the warning is still shown.

Hello Harvey, 


Could you please specify why do you need to bind the data that is already in one of the base packages?


Thank you in advance for your reply!


Hi Olga, in this case it's because I'm binding the default maximum repetitions of Business Processes system setting to the package to a higher number, but in general just to be able to bind any pre-existing System Setting to the package.

Harvey Adcock,


Thank you for the clarification! This warning has no impact on data binding. 


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