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I am modifying the Case object in a business process which triggers on the following events:

 - Record Modified (case object)

 - Record Added (case object) 

The modify business process element causes the Record modified event to be triggered and the business process is called again. Is there a way to suppress event generation when I modify the record with Modify Data business process element?


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Dear Hatim,

You can select fields which must be modified to trigger this element(changes expected -> in any of the selected fields).

Best regards,

Angela Reyes,

Thank you Angela. I understand that with "Changes Expected" the trigger can be constrained to go off on changes to specific fields. 

I have a use case in which I am modifying one of the Case field in a business process which is included in the "Changes Expected" list of fields. We need the business process to only trigger when the changes are made to this field from user interface however when we change it from business process using (Modify Data) element, the trigger should be suppressed. Is there a way of achieving this? 


Hatim Hussain,

Can you please specify what's the difference between changes made by users and changes made by BP? Why do you need to divide them, what is your business task? Since you can use filters for data modified (for example start process only if case status was modified to In progress) it is unclear why do you need to divide users and BP. 

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