Show a section folder tree by default

Hi, community,


I'm trying to find a way to show a section folder tree by default when the user enters a section.
For instance, when users go to the [Accounts] or [Contacts] section, they'll see the folder tree by default on the section page, just like when users go to the [Process library] section or [Lookup] section, they see the Folder Tree for those sections displayed by default.



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The tree will open by default if user once opened it in the section and left it opened when leaving the section (since this state of the folders is written in the SysProfileData table and selected by the system when user enters the section).


So the user should once open the folder tree and not close it.

Oleg Drobina,

To solve the problem, I wrote SQL Script to update the SysProfileData table record where the user's settings were stored when the user entered the section.
I temporarily solved that issue.

Thank you!

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