Shortcut keys for new built-in IDE


What is the shortcut keys for the new built-in IDE? In the old version, I can use Ctrl|Cmd + / to comment out multiple lines. But I cannot do that in the new version.


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The new editor is based on the Code Mirror editor. I've outlined some of the most common shortcut keys here…

You can see the complete list of shortcut keys on the Code Mirror website in the Commands section, although not all of them are implemented in the Creatio editor (and I don't see one to comment/uncomment multiple lines although Code Mirror does have a comment addon and I've not checked if it implements this - or if the Creatio implementation includes that)


Thank you, Ryan. So far, I still wait for somebody from Creatio to tell if there is shortcut key for comment multiple lines, or a promise to include that feature in next release.

Van Ly,

We are using CodeMirror to write code in the designer so all shortcuts can be found here:

Unfortunately, comment out multiple lines shortcut is not present in the list. 


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