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Hi Team, 

When I am on the product page and add folders for the filter I am getting the option to set up a filter, move, delete the folder (in filters).

Whereas when I go to the order page and select + option of the product in the order. Then once I click on saved filters (folders) the setup filter option is coming up but nothing can be actioned. 


whether this can be done only in the porduct page ? 



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Hello Gokul,

Product catalog in order page cannot be used to modify filters of the folder (but you are still able to move folder, delete, rename or copy it). As for filters - they can be only set in products section directly, but our R&D didn't have a task to implement the functionality of filter editing in product catalog so currently there is no way to activate this option.

I've left a suggestion to our R&D team to make it possible to modify filters in product catalog when adding product in order. Thank you for reporting this issue to us and helping us to make our application better!

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thank you 

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