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I'm diving into the webhook functionality in Creatio with the goal of being able to define certain webhooks for a 3rd party app to integrate with Creatio. In other versions we develop anonymous and/or authenticated services for this but the idea is to use this "new" functionality.

I've been doing tests and in general it works very well using the OOTB funcionallity receiving a specific body for example including the EntityName paramter

As I commented, the objective is for third-party applications to send us information to be able to integrate into Creatio, and they would be sending their own Payload.

Based on what I was reviewing each call to[API_KEY] saves a record to WebHooks and actually any kind of JSON could be sent. 

My question is: would it be a good approach to go this way and change the way requests are processed or would it be better to use ad-hoc services for this.

On the other hand, it is assumed that the process that is executed with a scehduler to process is: Create object records based on incoming webhooks but I do not see that there are logs of this process. Am I correct that this is the process? Why are the logs not displayed even the webhooks are processed?


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Currently, the webhooks service only works when JSON is sent in the correct format. We don't recommend changing this logic because It is a bad idea to change the way requests are processed it can lead to unknown consequences, it would be better to use ad-hoc services for this. 

You can read more about the webhook service here -…

Also, it looks like you have the correct process in your screenshot. To investigate the log issue in more detail, we recommend you contact our support team. You can send us an email at


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Anton Starikov,

could you please provide the community with the correct format of JSON that should be sent to webhook for correct processing.

cause uncertainty about "the way requests are processed can lead to unknown consequences, it would be better to use ad-hoc services for this" ... and webhook functionality became hardly appliable to the real tasks

Oleksandr Lisovyi,


View an example of the webhook that the [ Create object records based on incoming webhook ] business process can parse below:



"Contact": "Testing1",

"PhoneNumber": "+38077777887",

"Email": "",

"EntityName": "Contact",

"Name": "Testing1"


You can read more here -…


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