Sending the User to their Activities Calendar view in a business process

Our business process prompts the user to create a follow up calendar event if the current call event is listed as 'call later.'  Currently the process creates a new call task which OOTB opens a new call task screen. This isn't intuitive because the user cannot see their own calendar availability. I want to set the process to open their calendar view first where the user can confirm time/availability and manually add the task from there. I cannot find a way to open to the calendar view directly from the business process. Is there a way to do this?


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Dear Susan, 

we are currently investigating this case in order to find a possible ways of implementing this functionality. As soon as possible we will let you know with the update.

Pre-configured page cannot open the section, so you will need to create a logic with the script task that will send a socket message to the client (using MsgChannelUtilities.PostMessage method and the ClientMessageBridge (as described here)). Since the message should be received on any page you will need to replace the BasePageV2 module and add the message and the handler for the message there.


The handler should use the code similar to the one below:


so that the handler could open the ActivitySectionV2. But there is a problem with this: the activity section will be opened either in the schedule or grid view (depending on the last active view selected by the user for which the activity section will be opened). In this case you will also need to create some additional logic that will set the schedule view as an active view when opening the section from the message handler. The methods to override are initDataViews and loadActiveViewData.


Best regards,


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