Sending an email based on data from records collection

I have a question about working with record collection from read data element.
My case is to take all tasks planned for the next hour and send email to them owners. 
I’d like to ask if it is possible to get a task ID, one by one, base on the collection, then read the necessary data from the task and send an email to the owner. (like in schema below)



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Dear Paulina,


The task you described can be implemented via the process, but it will require some additional development. When the process reads tasks and sends an email script task should be used since send email element cannot work with collections. An example of such a script task can be found in process Send email to case contact. Also, similar task but without development is described in this post: If you want to send separate emails for task owners I would recommend adding tags to records to distinct processed tasks. 


Best regards,

Angela Reyes,

Thank you Angela. I will try to work with tags to avoid the development
BR Paulina

I have also been successful in using the new upcoming functionality that was tested in the 7.16.1 release to feed a collection into a subprocess. If the email is relatively simple and the variables are limited, you can send a collection to a simple subprocess that sends an email to the contact list in the collection but generating a new process for each item in the collection. But for more complex emails, creating a loop like the tag example is your best bet. Also, you can use tags, or you can create a boolean in the section to loop through that can be turned on and off.

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