Send a user notification in notification center from process

I have a process that assigns leads created from landing pages based on some rules. I would like to have a notification appear in the notification center for users to let them know a lead has been assigned to them. 

Is it possible to send a notification from a business process?

I attempted trying to add the "Send push notification" as a subprocess with no luck - no notifications appear (and everything I read about the "Send push notification" implies that is for a push to mobile).   

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Dear Ryan,

I have a better idea how can you setup sending notifications to owners of leads. You can create a business process that will send an email to those contacts that are becoming owners of leads.

The structure of the business process is: the first element should be "Signal" start element that will be triggered when the record is added to "Leads" section. Also you can set up start signal which will be triggered once the "Owner" of the lead is modified. Then there should be "Read data" element that will read created lead (bind this element to the previous "Signal" element by column Id).

The next element should be "Read data" that will read data from "Contacts" section (lets name it "Read contact data"). We need to bind this element to the previous "Read data" element like on the screenshot (so Id of the contact is equal to the owner of lead). And after that there goes "Send email" element which will be used to send email to the owner (set "To" field as "Email" taken from the "Read contact data"). This email should be sent automatically and you should also develop custom email template in the way suitable for your business.

The final element will be "Terminate" so to finish the process.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

I'd prefer to not send it via email. I had considered that. I already have a process that does the lead assignments, I could easily add it in to that same process. However, I'd prefer to keep the notifications in the app and not add extra clutter to inboxes. There must be some way to trigger an in app notification from a process?

Ryan Farley,

Dear Ryan,

You can add notification to the communication panel using "add data" element - simply add new record in the Notification object according to your business task. Please see an example below:

Angela Reyes,

That is excellent. Thank you!

Dear Ryan & Angela,

I created a process and add a notification successfully. But I don't know how to add exactly the Lead to the notification, the user will be transferred to the Lead when clicked on the notification.
Can someone help me?






Nghiêm Xuân Cường,

You should fill "Object" with schema ID to specify what section will be opened, 

"Unique caption Id" to specify what record will be opened and "Title" to create a text that will be the link. To specify schema ID you can create parameter with data type "Unique identifier" that will lead to lookup "Entity objects (view)" -> "Lead". Thus you will specify to what section notification will lead. 

Best regards,


Angela Reyes,

Dear Angela, I have tried to implement this example, with no success. The notification is created, but it never opens when I click on it. As an example, I am trying to open a record from the contacts section when clicking on the notification title: I have followed your previous suggestions on this post, and set "Object" and "Notification loader" as "Entity objects (view)" -> "Contact" and "Unique caption Id" as the "Supervisor" contact Id. Please see the attached image. Anything else missing ? Please advise.


Dear Ricardo, 

There is no need to fill the "Notification Loader" field. Please remove this column from Add Data element so notification created will work correctly. 

Kind regards,

Roman Brown,

Now it works... Thanks !

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