Send the message from the client to the server

Hello community,


Could you please advise me how to send a message from a page to a business process.

The idea is the next: the process starts and sends a message to the client with a confirmation question and waits for the message to continue.

The message will be generated on the client depending on the button pressed on confirmation pop-up window.


Thank you in advance for your ideas.

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Hello Mariia,


I'm afraid there is no way to send a message from the client to some specific process log record (since ProcessEngineService.svc doesn't provide this option). Please re-design your process, use the "User dialog" element and use two (or more, based on answer options in the dialog) conditional flows after the "User dialog" element.  As a result you will be able to continue the process execution based on the answer option the client selects.


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