Replace the ConfidenceLevelMixin schema


I'm trying to customize the confidence level widget on the opportunity page. I want to remove the days in funnel and the Predictive probability and to add a label based on the mood value.

Can you help my with this?

I had a few ideas to try out but when I try creating a replacing schema for any of the confidence level schemas I can't pick the schema as the parent schema. 

Any idea why? or a different way of doing this?

Thanks in advance,


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If you can't pick those as a parent, it's likely due to the dependencies of your package. Make sure your package has dependencies of the package containing the schema. 


Also if you'd like, you can hide that easily with CSS. Adding the following:

#ConfidenceLevelWidgetContainer {
    height: fit-content;
#ConfidenceLevelWidgetContainer .confidence-level-widget-container .metrics-container {
    display: none !important;

Will produce the following result:

You can see how to add CSS to the page here:…


Ryan Farley,

Thank you. 

The confidence level schemas are in the Opportunity package. I added this package as a dependency to the package I'm working on but still can't pick the schema as a parent.

What else could cause this?

Thanks again.


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